Our Story

Finding Rhia  
It all started with a little corgi-chihuahua called Rhia who needed a new home. Her owner brought her to my house to see if we were a match and I’ll never forget how proud and terrified she seemed cowering in the corner of my kitchen. After a few hours, she hopped onto my lap and the deal was sealed for both of us.

A herbal alternative
Despite healing in many ways, Rhia remained very nervous and shaky. I didn’t want to give her any chemicals to soothe her but I realised I had no idea what natural alternative was out there.
After a lot of online research, I administered lemon balm to her. She took to the plant quickly and immediately became calmer and more focused. We kept the treatment going, and after a year, Rhia was a different dog: gradually shedding her nervous shell to reveal her true, highly-intelligent nature.

Founding Green Puppy
Through caring for Rhia, I realised how tricky it is to source natural and sustainable pet products – even for the most common ailments like worms, fleas or ticks. I want Green Puppy to help solve that.

The Green Puppy store only stocks the most passionate and innovative suppliers of green pet care from around the UK, that place planet and pet safety at the heart of everything they produce.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Green Puppy shop and that it makes it easier for you to make conscious choices for your pet and our planet.

If there’s something you’re looking for that we don’t have yet, please do let us know.