Aloe Vera Paw Relief Spray

Aloe Vera Paw Relief Spray

This aloe vera paw relief spray is perfect to heal really sore or cracked paws, from Mountain Garden Botanics.

For pups that need a bit of more paw first aid. This gentle and anti-bacterial formula assists in speeding up the healing process. 


17cm x 13cm  x 3.5cm

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  • Directions for use

    Directions for use and how to look after me 

    Apply the spray to the paws and between the toes. Use a cloth to stroke through the area removing grime. Use as required. Can be used for pregnant and lactating dogs. Suitable for dogs over 8 weeks old.

  • Additional information

    What am I made of?

    Aloe Vera Juice – Packed with vitamins, Aloe vera soothes skin and helps as an anti-inflammatory

    Witch Hazel – A botanical extract used as a natural skin healer and cleanser

    Blend of essential oils to support healthy skin

    Mountain Garden Botanics’ packaging is 100% recyclable. They love their little bottles and there are plenty of ways to reuse these within the home but if not please recycle. Their labels are made from 100% recycled paper.

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