Handmade Wool Dog Ball in Shades of Grey

Handmade Wool Dog Ball in Shades of Grey

Indestructible even for the most eager of dogs these wool balls are made out of locally sourced hand washed fleece! 

Anna from Elvet Design Shop started making these 100% wool balls following her increasing concern about losing tennis balls outside while dog walking and knowing that she was leaving plastic in the environment. To provide a solution to this, she now uses fleeces from sheep where she lives in County Durham to form these highly durable, safe and biodegradable wool balls.


approx. 7cm diameter

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  • Directions for use

    Directions for use

    Designed to fit into a standard ball thrower, so they fly just as well as a tennis ball, cannot burst, and in cases of being lost outdoors, can be left in the knowledge that they will rot down and cause no environmental harm.

    The balls are highly durable and can be washed in a washing machine, a process that will also firm up and renew the condition of the ball. Simply reshape after washing and leave to dry naturally. They are considered to be completely safe for dogs but of course as with any toy do keep an eye on your dog and in the unlikely event of your dog chewing the ball to pieces, please remove so it is not ingested.

  • Additional information

    What am I made of?

    Hand Washed local fleece, UK/EU standard eco dyes and UK coloured source fleece for the outer layer. Since no two balls are the same, these balls come in a variety of grey shades. The actual colour depends on what is available. 

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