Lemongrass Pet-Friendly and Vegan Candle

Lemongrass Pet-Friendly and Vegan Candle

Lemongrass scented candle with pure Lemongrass essential oil. This candle will fill the room with a fresh, zingy, spa-like scent.

Hand-poured in Yorkshire by Happy Paws Candle Co using only a blend of Rapeseed, no added colouring, cotton wicks, and only the necessary amount of essential oils. Lemongrass essential oil is known for its ability to help ease headaches, stress and nervous exhaustion, making this the perfect candle to burn for relaxation and perfectly safe for your pets! A lot of people don't know that most candle's aren't pet safe as the toxins and chemicals they release into the air while burning can be highly irritating. The majority of candles that are on the market are made of paraffin wax, a wax derived from petroleum, which is the first contributor to harmful fumes. Hence, Happy Paws Candles were created to protect both pets and humans. 


8cm x 21.5cm x 6cm

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    Inspired by the founder’s asthmatic cat, Tinks, Happy Paws Candle Co hand pour beautifully scented, natural candles and wax melts that are formulated to be a safe alternative to use around cats and dogs. All Happy Paws Candle Co’s materials, from product to packaging, are sustainable and locally sourced in the UK. They only use high-quality pure essential oils and Rapeseed wax which is eco-friendly and clean burning.

    Happy Paws Candle Co are  proud to use only eco-friendly materials, including packaging, ensuring that their products are kind to the earth (as well as cats, dogs, and people). To help keep our carbon footprint low and support other small businesses, the majority of their supplies are locally sourced.

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